Why Unspoken?

Poet Pola Fanous performs at opening night of the 2018 Unspoken Words festival (photo by Bakri Mahmoud)

Unspoken Words is a multi-disciplinary artist collective. We work with many arts modes — word, music, movement, visual and more — to create practical and performative events by and for storytellers.

Get in contact if you want to be involved in some way.

More About Us

The concept of ‘unspoken’ was coined by 2018 festival producer Gabrielle Journey Jones, and came about in response to our need to recognise things not always covered by performance gigs. The focus shifted away from performance, and towards discussions and workshops. We want to bring all of ourselves, not just the palatable parts. We want to talk about the difficult and vulnerable things, as well as the wonderful. We want to learn and be active members of our communities. We share a goal of ‘speaking’ truth (in whatever form, including the nonverbal).

While we use the motifs of ‘speaking’ and ‘words’, we don’t wish to privilege verbal expression over other forms of expression. We recognise that metaphors using ‘speech’ are sometimes overused in both poetry and activism circles, and that this can be isolating for many folks in the disability community and their allies. We wish to respect any mode of expression that you & your loved ones engage in. With love & solidarity.