Past Events and Sessions

Unspoken Words Festival ’18

Our 10-day program of performances, workshops, discussions and special events! The 2018 theme was mental health and self-care. Explore the festival.

Newtown Festival

In November 2017 and 2018 we presented some storytelling sessions as part of Newtown Festival.

Story-Fest (Word Travels)

In October 2018 festival producers Gabe Journey Jones (pictured) and Wil Roach presented a workshop on ‘Bringing Everything’ as part of Word Travels’ Story-Fest.

Griffin Theatre Company

In April 2018 we presented a night of poetry at Griffin Theatre Company’s Batch Festival, featuring Candy Royalle, Saba Vasefi and Lizzy Jarrett.

Unspoken Words Festival ’17

Our first ever festival, with performances, discussions and workshops. Explore the program.