Nathan Shephard

Nathan Shephard is a poet, musician, artist and non-binary human. His art explores transformation, rebirth, mental health, dysphoria and his inner landscapes of body and soul. He has previously created mixed media art and storytelling through painting, photography and poetry. Playing guitar, surfing, making shrinky dinks and looking at cute cats brings him joy. Nathan is passionate about community buildng, queerdom, and complementary forms of healing. He is studying art therapy and sound healing, and is currently integrating them into workshops and performances.

studio Project

Nathan is exploring the themes of impermanence, loss, isolation, love and the concept of ‘journeying together’. He is delving into these themes through the modes of sound healing, lighting, projection and spoken word.

Workshops and events

  • Art therapy
  • Open studio process
  • Art making and movement
  • Fingerpainting
  • Artist mental health