R U OK? scholarship

Unspoken Words is proud to announce a new scholarship program with R U OK?, the suicide prevention charity that aims to start life-changing conversations.

The scholarships, awarded to two recipients, involve:

  • Travel assistance to attend the festival
  • Commission of new written / performance work about mental health, community and suicide prevention
  • Free access to the full festival program.

One of the scholarships is reserved for an Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander artist. The other is open to all artists.

2_qfRbtl5.jpg.860x410_q85_cropThe recipients of the 2018 Unspoken Words and R U OK? scholarship are Terry Kotsiopoulos and Janette Hoppe.

Terry says of the importance of storytelling for mental health: “I believe stories shared have healing, especially to those who feel alone. I find writing a blessing in letting others know they are not alone and there is hope and healing no matter what.”

Janette’s project, The Blue Series, aims to raise awareness of mental health through poetry events and published writing collections. In 2019 her focus is on young people.

Congratulations to Terry and Janette! We’re thrilled to be supporting their creative projects through this scholarship.