Hub Space

7 – 17 September

Corelli’s Café

352 King St Newtown (during opening hours)
Free entry

Have a coffee, read the program, and play with our installation pieces:

Headphone stories by Hajer Al-awsi

In a world where tradition is everything, betrayal tears family apart. Zainab, the eldest daughter of Roula and Ahmed Mansour, has left. Out of the shattered pieces comes three different stories, three different truths and three different futures.

Intimately share in how Zainab, Roula and Ahmed reconcile this act of generational defiance.

Fourlines by Miriam Hechtman and Ella Mitchell

_fourlines_ is a creative collaboration between two friends, Ella Mitchell and Miriam Hechtman. When their friendship was on the rocks, poetry came to the rescue. Since 2015, the poets have committed to writing four lines of poetry weekly.

Write your own four-line poetry for someone, inspired by Miriam and Ella’s project.


Accessibility information for this venue:

  • This venue is not very wheelchair-accessible, apologies. Entry by the front door has a slight step, and inside there is room to navigate but tables and chairs may need to be rearranged.
  • There is an accessible ambulant toilet, but it’s through a corridor with a step.
  • Seating is chairs with back support.
  • Written notes are provided for both installation pieces.
  • Food and drinks are available through the cafe’s regular menu. Vegetarian, vegan, and gluten/lactose free options will be available.
  • Alcohol will not be available.