Miriam Hechtman and Ella Mitchell


Miriam Hechtman and Ella Mitchell became fast friends when they met at university and despite living in different states, overseas and living quite different lives they’ve remained close for two decades. In 2014/15 they hit a seriously rocky patch and stopped communication for some time. It was tough. They both thought the friendship may have run its course, but then something amazing happened.

They started to send each other a few lines of poetry and song lyrics, randomly and without context. Words they loved and words they thought might move the other. They did this for a few months with next to no other correspondence. One day they challenged each other to start writing and sharing their own original words as poems every Sunday. And so @_fourlines_ was born. “It became hard to speak and so was born fourlines a week.” Their practice has led to other exciting projects including Mim’s monthly @poeticabondi events and their random acts of poetry public giveaways. In a world that can be obsessed with image and posting the best version ‘things’ on social media, Mitch and Mim have found that poetry offers up an authentic, imperfect perfection – which feels like a breath of fresh air.


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