Fabiola Barba

Fabiola Barba 2

Fabiola Barba was born in the bustling metropolis of Mexico City to a family with indigenous and European heritage. She has always been familiar with the formidable powers of natural healing & self healing. Fabiola followed her passion for the arts by pursuing a professional career as a graphic designer, later going on to finish a masters in Business Administration while leading her consultancy business. However, in 2005, a health issue steered her directly on to the path of wellbeing and holistic self-care. Throughout this process she has explored different meditation techniques and reconnecting her with ancient traditions has found her calling as a creator of experiences of self connection.

Studio project: feel

Fabiola will interact with audiences and artists working with the human experience from inside out. Feel is about recognising and accepting all variety of emotions that sometimes are pushed down or labelled (good or bad) instead of recognising, welcoming and embracing them as a variety of natural tools that help us to experience life in a richer way. It is also about being aware of the expression of feelings throughout the body. Using photography, video, drawing and painting, Feel will explore the expression of all varieties of feelings experienced during our lives.


  • Self Expression: mindfulness painting, body maps
  • Mandala Creation / Sacred Geometry