Carielyn Tunion

Carielyn Tunion / ALIENCRY is a visual artist, videopoet & serial story peddler based in Guringgai country. Working with words, video performance, moving image and illustration as her weapons of choice, her work seeks to give voice to experiences of anticolonial feminine resistance as a Pinoy woman living in Australia. Carielyn’s practice is rooted in daily dissent & radical softness. Often depicting herself in her art, Carielyn’s work explores the body in relation to Earth & nature as a site of devastation and resilience, and for cross-cultural dialogues which explore the ongoing ravages of the colonial project. She is inspired by the works & theory of Audre Lorde, Lora Mathis, Michelle Cahill, Pacita Abad, Anita Magsaysay, Audrey Wollen, Frida Kahlo & the films of Wong Kar-wai.

studio project

My creative goals this year are to: create more videopoems, hone existing skills, engage in more writing, and challenge my comfort zones through new artistic experiences. As an emerging videopoet & multimedia artist, this residency project is a great opportunity to connect with other artists & storytellers, and engage in meaningful exchange that helps nourish us spiritually, artistically & as a community.

The work I aim to accomplish at Yanada Room explores ideas of identity, community and the politicised self as seen through a lens of daily dissent and radical softness — core values of my life & practice. My current work-in-progress is a videopoem that speaks of my experiences with Filipina sisterhood and resistance in the face of intergenerational trauma and the colonial oppressive state. I also want to continue work on a series of vignette-style writings that recreate a portrait of my family history through the perspectives of the women in my family.