Volunteers are on the floor to take care of the space. If you need any guidance or something’s not right, please approach us. We’re wearing Unspoken Words T-shirts.

If you’re experiencing financial hardship and you can’t access the cost of a ticket, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do. We have a small budget set aside for subsidised tickets.

Accessibility Information


  • Live Auslan interpretations will be part of the 2018 festival.
  • The Red Rattler does not have an embedded hearing loop but we are more than happy to use personal hearing loop equipment, drop us a line beforehand or at the door & our organisers will sort that out for you.



  • All sessions will be well-lit, except some performances which will have good stage lighting but lowered audience lights.
  • Most visual material will endeavour to use large clear fonts, high contrast, subtitles, and content descriptions. Unfortunately we are unable to produce materials in Braille.



  • The venue is ten minutes’ walk or wheel from Sydenham station, and from Sydenham station you can also get the M30 bus to just opposite the venue. The Red Rattler is also accessible by buses that go along Victoria Road, Marrickville (423, 426, M30). There is plenty of space out front for taxis/ubers to pull in and drop people off. If you need or would like help transferring out of a vehicle & into the venue, please let us know.
  • Parking is available at the venue.



  • The venue is wheelchair accessible, with two possible entrances at the front, one via the large double doors (usually kept shut but we can open upon request) that’s completely flat, and the other via the main door which has a slope leading up to it and a slight bump at the doorway.
  • There is a wheelchair-accessible toilet on the ground floor.
  • The venue is a large room with lots of space to manoeuvre around.
  • There will be seating including big comfy sofas. If you’d like to be up front (for considerations of sight, mobility, or something else), please let us know and we’ll save you a space.



  • This event is fragrance free. Please avoid the use of strong and/or aerosolised scents (e.g. perfume or scented lotion) to accommodate the needs of people with hypersensory issues or allergic reactions. If this is a concern or you have any questions please contact the event organisers.
  • There will be smoking areas outside a minimum of four metres from the entrance. Please endeavor to minimise secondhand smoke exposure & try to avoid bringing ash or smoke particles on your clothes/hair with you into the venue as much as is possible, to reduce risk for people will hypersensory issues or allergic reactions.
  • A quiet reading corner with comfortable seating and books and zines will be provided! There will be a low sensory space upstairs (without lift access, unfortunately) for anyone who needs to take a break.



  • This festival may contain discussion around multiple marginalisations, traumas, violences, and vulnerable experiences. Please exercise care & compassion with regard to yourself and others. You are always welcome to duck out of the audience if a session becomes overwhelming or too intense – don’t worry about interrupting.



  • The Rat is cash-only. There is an ATM a hundred metres down the (relatively flat) road at a nearby service station.
  • We will have drinking water available as well as borrowable individual paper fans (and a couple of standing electric fans).
  • Your comfort as audience members is our priority! If you can’t sit or stand, feel free to lie down, make a cushion nest, or bring your own pillows. If things are too loud, or too quiet, or too bright, or too dim, or too hot, or too cold, let us know & we will work to make the environment of our event as accommodating of all individual needs as is possible. We are committed to providing more than ‘reasonable accommodations’.



  • We are working on arranging recordings of some of the panels so that people who can’t make it in person can still engage with the festival.
  • As per the above, parts of the festival will be recorded and photographed. We will not photograph anyone who does not want to be photographed – feel free to flag with us if you have particular concerns.



  • If you have any queries about accessibility, or have specific accessibility requirements that aren’t covered by the information above, please feel free to contact the crew onsite. You can reach Emma (creative director) at You can also get in contact via the form on our website. We’ll do what we can to make the space right for you.
  • While this festival uses the motifs of ‘speaking’ and ‘words’, we don’t wish to privilege verbal expression over other forms of expression. We recognise that metaphors using ‘speech’ are sometimes overused in both poetry and activism circles, and that this can be isolating for many folks in the disability community and their allies. We wish to respect any mode of expression that you & your loved ones engage in. With love & solidarity.