Accessibility information prepared by the production team with guidance from Robin M. Eames.



We have active policies on safer spaces and anti-discrimination. Unspoken Words supports equal rights and does not advocate, support or practice discrimination based on race, religion, age, national origin, language, sex, gender, sexuality, or disability.

  • All are welcome, and there will be no tolerance for discrimination.
  • Content warnings will be provided where possible / necessary.
  • It’s always okay to leave the space if you need to; don’t worry about interrupting.
  • At every event, team members will be the floor to take care of the space. If you need any guidance or something’s not right, please approach us.



$5 discounts on all tickets are available as a gesture of solidarity to concession holders, unwaged folks, single mothers, and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people. To access this discount, use the code CONC when booking.

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If you’re experiencing financial hardship and you can’t access the cost of a ticket, get in touch and we’ll see what we can do.



For accessibility information by venue, please visit our venues page. For accessibility information by event, see each session page in the program.



  • Live AUSLAN interpretations will be part of Opening Night and Closing Night.
  • We are happy to use personal hearing loop equipment: drop us a line beforehand and our organisers will sort it out.



  • All sessions will be well-lit, except some performances which will have good stage lighting but lowered audience lights.



  • This festival is fragrance free. Please avoid the use of strong and/or aerosolised scents (e.g. perfume or scented lotion) to accommodate the needs of people with hypersensory issues or allergic reactions. If this is a concern or you have any questions please contact the event organisers.
  • In each venue, smoking areas will be outside and a minimum of four metres from the entrance. Please endeavor to minimise secondhand smoke exposure & try to avoid bringing ash or smoke particles on your clothes/hair with you into the venue as much as is possible, to reduce risk for people will hypersensory issues or allergic reactions.



  • We are recording some events (photo, video and/or sound) so that people who can’t make it in person can still engage with the festival.
  • We will not photograph anyone who does not want to be photographed – feel free to flag with us if you have particular concerns.



  • If you have any queries about accessibility, or have specific accessibility requirements that aren’t covered by the information above, please feel free to contact the crew onsite. You can also get in contact via the form on our website. We’ll do what we can to make the space right for you.
  • While this festival uses the motifs of ‘speaking’ and ‘words’, we don’t wish to privilege verbal expression over other forms of expression. We recognise that metaphors using ‘speech’ are sometimes overused in both poetry and activism circles, and that this can be isolating for many folks in the disability community and their allies. We wish to respect any mode of expression that you & your loved ones engage in. With love & solidarity.