2018 Festival

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We are looking for presenting artists for 2018! Applications open Thursday 22 March and close at midnight Sunday 13 March, for:

  • Our festival, based in Sydney, 7-17 September
  • Possible fringe events throughout the year, in various locations in Sydney and NSW.

We’re looking for performances, lectures, interviews, open forums, workshops, sight-based activities, young peoples’ sessions, and anything else STORYTELLING that you might be interested in. Last year was our first year of operations, and the program themes/topics included:

  • Visual poetics
  • Protest poetry
  • Performance skills
  • Looping pedals and vocal effects
  • Acceptance, inclusion and safety in writing communities
  • First Nations literatures and sovereignties
  • Disability and chronic illness
  • Climate change
  • Queer writing

We’d be interested in building on these themes again this year, as well as introducing new topics. More than anything, we’re interested in what you’d like to present. This could be something new, or something that has been seen / produced before.

We offer payment to all presenters, and although our budget is tiny, we pass as much of it as we can onto you. If you’re part of the program, we’ll offer you a fee that you receive regardless of ticket sales.

Facebook event: please share!



In thanks to storytellers and community members, we are running a free Pitch Night for those who might be interested in applying or otherwise contributing. The night invites you to:

  • Workshop your ideas for our festival and/or fringe sessions
  • Submit your application to be a presenting artist
  • Have a chat with other artists
  • Have your say on our policies and procedures.

We’ll be at Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, 5-8pm, Tuesday the 24th of April. Refreshments provided. Full details here. Please share the details with all those who have something to share about storytelling!


For any questions, please get in touch! Apply by emailing the form below to unspokenwords.festival@gmail.com or by handing it in at the Pitch Night.

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