Closing words

Thank you to everyone who made Unspoken Words happen.

To the The Red Rattler Theatre for being our generous and loving hosts. This festival was the result of an artistic residency that I was given at the Red Rat in ealr 2017.

To Red Room Poetry and Lunatica Arts & Culture for supporting the show. To Parliament on King for feeding us on Sunday night. To Lorin Elizabeth, the warmest MC. To Auslan Stage Left for amazing and generous interpretations of the poetry performances! To the volunteers and crew, who supported beyond expectation.

To the artists — we cannot thank you enough for your honesty, your patience, your generosity of vision. My little heart was stopped in its tracks by Evelyn Araluen, Subbed in, Emily Crocker, Holly Friedlander Liddicoat, Effy Marie Smith, Rox Sea, Stelly Gappasauress, MC TREY, Joseph-Zane Sikulu, Fayroze Lutta, Paige Phillips, Bronsai Watkins, Gabrielle Jones, Maryam Tayyaba, Winnie Dunn, Robin Memes, Maggie Korenblium, Elizabeth LizzyDizzy Jarrett, Stephany Basia, Candy Royalle, Isaac Green, Vanessa Lee, Michelle O’hara, Elizabeth Wymarra, Ella Skilbeck-Porter and Hani Abdile. It was an absolute honour to work with you all. Thank you for saying yes to this gig. Heartily encourage audiences to further seek out the work and words of these artists.

Yours truly, Emma.